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Several common paper box types and structures are introduced

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    From the material of the packaging box, the common packaging box , plastic box, metal box, wooden box and so on, here we focus on the design and application of a very wide range of paper box type and structure. The forming process of paper box is to cut the paperboard, crease line bending after forming or binding, bonding, pasting forming.

    According to different materials, cartons can be divided into corrugated cartons, whiteboard cartons, cardboard boxes and so on.

    According to different shapes, can be divided into square carton, circular carton, polygonal carton, shaped carton, etc.

    In accordance with the proportional relationship between the opening surface of the package and other surfaces, if the opening surface is small, it is called "tubular" packaging; If the opening surface is large, it is called "disk type" package.

    The common structure of the carton is the swing cover carton, referring to the carton with the back of the lid and the box body together. Lid carton refers to a carton whose lid and body are made of two pieces of cardboard. Portable carton refers to a carton with a handle on the upper part of the carton body. Drawer type paper box refers to a fixed structure paper box similar to a drawer.

    In industrial production, according to whether the carton can be folded after forming, it is divided into fixed carton and folding carton. The former is the use of veneer material will be bound to the substrate board mounted, it is also known as "paste carton", it once formed the box body surface fixed and can not be folded. Folding carton, which can be folded to save storage and transportation space when the contents are not packed, is one of the most widely used paper packaging containers

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