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Folding printing several methods and application range!

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Publicity folding mainly refers to a four-color printing machine printed single color page, is generally to expand the influence of a kind of paper publicity materials. For various kinds of folding printing products, its professional folding printing and design is very important, so, in the production of folding printing production, often through different plate-making production, so, folding printing plate-making method can be divided into several categories? Below, shenzhen mutual trust heng technology to give you a brief introduction.

I. printing method

In folding printing production, one of the most common is lithography. This is the most used for folding printing of a plate. Lithography can be generally divided into printed parts and non-printed parts, keep the same high degree on the layout, printed part of the absorption of ink and water, the non-printed part of the absorption of water and ink, because the water and fat can not be mixed with each other, so can lithography.

In addition to lithography, hole printing is another common printing method in the production of folding printing, which is different from lithography. The original screen printing or silk printing, a special brush. The printing ink is pressed from the front of the plate through the plate hole and printed on the substrate on the back (bottom) of the plate. According to the plate, the copying plate, typing plate, printing plate, photographic plate, etc.

Two, hinge method

Folding refers to the working process of folding printed books and periodicals and single page printed matter into a certain format according to the order of page Numbers. At the beginning of the publication process design, the first thing to determine the publication of the folding way. In the design of folding, should consider the size of the publication, pages, printing and binding equipment. Usually the position and order of the text and text in books and periodicals are based on the folding process, paper rotation and the position of the fold. At present folding way can be divided into parallel folding, vertical folding, mixed folding, special folding.

Parallel folding method and special folding method (including enveloping folding method, fan folding method, etc.) are mostly used for folding the design of long strip printed matter, such as advertisements, brochures, maps, book stickers in the table and illustrations. Vertical folding method is the most popular folding method, mainly used for the design of books and periodicals. And mixed folding method also known as integrated folding method, that is, in the same book, both parallel folding, and vertical folding. The mixed fold method is suitable for book stickers in the form of 30 fold 6 pages or 30 fold 9 pages.

Three, the method and application of collage

Collage means that the pages to be printed are arranged in folio order according to their folio patterns, and the size of the page is determined by the size of the print format and the printed paper. Collage can be divided into: collage of parts and collage of books and periodicals.

1. Part assembly

Scattered pieces in the printed matter occupies a relatively heavy weight, for example, a need for positive and negative printing format of 16K printing, can be combined into positive and negative printing of double-sided, in the printing need not replace the mouth side of the single-side self-turning plate. If 40%, can be according to the different pieces of paper into different layout.

2. Rollover

A 100×185×4 fold fan-folded booklet is printed on 787×1092 (mm) paper in a quartile format with rolled-over format. This way in the printing turn, because of the need to replace the mouth, so in the printing of high precision printed matter, the printing equipment and paper has higher requirements.

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